LOL - clean your beads in high style?
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08/14/2023, 12:08:44

"With Diamond Drunk, Blandino says he and his partner Jeremy Johnson are giving consumers an effective, nontoxic jewelry-cleaning solution. With four color stories and scents, Diamond Drunk debuted in late July as a plant-based fine jewelry cleaner that is beautiful as well as safe for the planet, he says.

“I took a beauty approach when thinking about Diamond Drunk. Nothing is as close to your skin as jewelry,” Blandino says. “But jewelry cleaners haven’t been rethought of since the 1960s. I wanted to build a better product.”

Blandino designed a sleek glass bottle to serve as the main vessel. This refillable container comes with a scented concentrated cleaning solution, which is added to the glass bottle when the consumer is ready to use it. The consumer then fills the bottle with water to complete the process.

Blandino also designed a special cage to hold jewelry like bracelets or necklaces separately from one another so they can be cleaned completely and without any risk of scratching, he says. This cage also has a patented ring hook and earring attachments for those smaller pieces.

There’s also a “crystalline coaster” or glass trivet for the container to sit on so cleaning solution doesn’t get onto the countertop, dresser, or wherever the consumer has it, Blandino says. It also comes with a loopless drying and polishing cloth, which Blandino calls his “cashmere cloud,” and a “security guard” drain cover so consumers don’t need to worry about a ring or similar piece slipping down the drain during the cleaning process."

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