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05/18/2023, 15:22:19

Hello Hans,

A "handmade suspension eye of glass" IS its perforation.

If we consult Peter Francis' booklet, "Third World Beadmakers," he ties-together the modern Eastern Mediterranean glass-beadmakers as being familially related to each other--and as having made similar products.

Unfortunately, my copy is not at-hand, so I cannot quote his remarks.

Viewing your piece, I would say it is probably a local attempt at copying a molded Czech Hajj pendant, and could have been made in Turkey, Palestine, or Egypt. Not to exclude Tashkent. If it was found in Yemen, one might think that Hebron, Palestine, was a likely point of origin. However, Yemen has been a nexus for Hajj souvenirs for a very long time, including the Czech versions. So I suppose its placement in Yemen is not compelling as to a possible origin.


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