Need advice about vintage (but damaged) beaded purses
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Posted by: LUANN UDELL Post Reply
04/10/2023, 10:51:38

I've had these two beaded purses/bags for ages. I was going to take them apart for the beads.

Then I searched for the beaded purse, and WOW, the prices are super high.
But these bags are pretty damaged. Holes, rotted cord, rusted metal & rusted metal beads.

I think the small bag is so damaged, I feel okay taking it apart for the beads.

But I'm on the fence about the beaded purse. (Three holes.) Prices for "like new" listings range from just under $100 to $350+

I think all the beads are there, but I don't know if it's worth selling or not? Is it too selfish fo me to just take it apart??

I'd appreciate any feedback/thoughts from the bead experts here.
Thank you!!!

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