I re-read Helen Burton's letter she wrote upon returing to China after WWII
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Sent stuff to Rhode Island in 1937:
'I don't know why I was so lucky,’ she said, ‘but at the end of 1943 I was among those prisoners exchanged. The little money that I had hidden had been found by the Japanese, who searched us thoroughly. But I never believe in keeping all my eggs in one basket and some time before internment I had sent some of my stock to Honolulu and some to Rhode Island. How I wish I had sent more!’

She did put jewelry together.

I'll go back once more to Mr. Lo, who is one of the
reasons why so many of us admire the Chinese race. With his help
I've had the fun of doing a bit of creative work. One day he
brought me hundreds of old white jade Manchu earrings and I made
15 chokers of distinction, hanging them on a woven silver chain and
producing a bit of jewelry of which some of you would heartily
approve. Another day he found a collection of old blue enamel
plaques - all sizes and shapes. I made belts, buttons and pins
which should appeal to those who love the touch of blue in
unusual jewelry.

And she was very well-connected.

Follow the link in the first paragraph to the PDF bio of Helen Burton written by Don Menzies.


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