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04/03/2023, 14:08:29

Snowy Spring Greetings Beadheads,
This dang winter seems to be going on forever so I thought Iíd visit a spell. Feet and more feet of snow have landed in our mountains and plenty down here in the valleys as well. The rural electric has been stressed and we lost power a couple of times, one time around New Years for several days when a big storm rolled through.The neighbors all got together and got help to those in need which is what makes communities work, so no long term ill effects. Other than the weather Itís been quiet up here in the outback as itís been a winter to stay inside save for shoveling out to the shop and barn and woodshed and the occasional trip to town between storms. Itís been a good time for reflection and going through old stuff. As the years have piled up on these old bones so has the stuff in the barn and back room and closets. Out in the barn several old trucks lay idle, one or two for years. One old truck I used to take out to rendezvous, a particular favorite, has been calling out to me to bring back to life. Itís been parked in a side shed of the barn about half in the weather with the barn roof in disrepair on that side and no door on the opening. We had a few warm days a week ago and it got me out and looking the old girl over and remembering the good times we had traveling. I dusted off the hood and inside the cab, found some mouse chew on wires and hoses and decided Iíd just go ahead and work on her. Up here in the outback we like these old rigs because we understand them and don't need a degree in computerology to work on them.
Of course another storm blew through right away with snow, rain, ice and more rain and snow. Snow melt has been going on with freeze thaw cycles and the mud has been rising. It got to epic proportions a couple of weeks ago despite weekly addition of new snow and freeze, even where we had gravel on the ground out in the barnyard. The dog was leaving prints several inches deep. With a few sunny days and wind the mud started to abate and I got to going out to work on the old truck. I had to put old boards and pieces of metal and plywood down in the worst mud spots so I could get down and take a couple of wheels off to lay under her to do some repairs. Since she didnít run and I couldnít get her near the shop there were many trips down on the ground and back up to head to the shop for different tools and back down and under and back and forth.
It isnít the getting down that's so bad but as the years add up the getting back up is more of a chore especially so as the day wears on. Well after two days work with one snow day in between shoveling paths I managed to get a hot battery out there and fired the old girl up. She was a little reluctant at first but when she caught she purred sweetly. What a fine reward for my work. I figure at this point that Iíve either added two years to my life for the exercise and effort expended or taken two years off for the beating I took doing it, Iím not sure which. I drove her over to the shop where I'll have an easier time doing some maintenance when the weather breaks more seriously.
After I shut her off I got out and looked back inside as I hadnít moved her for several years. Standing there I thought to look under and behind the seat and found there the can of oil and jack I expected to find and this little leather bag. I didnít recall leaving that bag back there or having seen it for years and years. It must have fallen out of a jacket or something. Well, I looked in the bag and to my surprise I found six fifty dollar bills from some long lost time and this fine bead. I think I got it in a trade with hippie Jim Swope many years ago at a rendezvous out east. Somehow it got lost in the mist for me and now it has returned. I guess Iíll count this as a further reward for my efforts to resurrect the old truck in the cold and muck. The two year thing is probably a wash though It will be a few days until my body stops telling me about it, but the bead will last some time and the three hundred bucks will pay to make the truck legal and buy a fine dinner in town, probably even buy a few gallons of gas too.
I hope your winter has been a little less rigorous than ours up here in the outback, Maybe Iíll catch up with one or two of you if I get out into civilization or maybe even a a rendezvous when summer rolls around. Til then, keep that string in the middle of the hole. And look behind the seat of an old rig, you never know what you might find. Dog

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