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04/01/2023, 09:49:21

I just viewed this message today.

I'd be inclined to say the the differences between the Japanese and Chinese methods of making crumb beads is predicated on their other works.

Let's say that the supply of "crumbs" is derived from accumulating glass bits from making other products. (I think that's a reasonable assumption.)

Although the Boshan industry makes a variety of beads, including mosaic-glass elements and products (and their crumbs would or could reflect this), the Japanese industry is making simpler products—so their crumbs will tend to be monochromatic.

Is this not reasonable?

Crumb beads from the Canton industry, while relatively few in number, tend to have been limited to green and pink monochromatic crumbs, used to make imitation jade products, mostly on white glass, and usually only a small random sprinkling. Consequently, these Chinese beads would look more like the Japanese beads, in relation to the crumbs exploited.

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