What I mean by "cane flakes"
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03/26/2023, 09:11:31

What appear to be the result of trying to chop thin canes into tiny murrine - a lot of semi-rounds and bits more resembling chips and flakes than tiny sequins.

The green beads were originally strung on Chinese-knotted silk, but the seller re-strung them in this temporary necklace.

The three-sided pink beads knotted into a necklace [next set of pix in reply] appear to be Japanese, yes? Or could they be recent Chinese?
Ditto the 12mm white beads.

The pink chinese beads with the brown clay-lined holes are from "Jane" in Beijing on eBay, and were considered by him/her to be old. They seem consistent in style with the beads associated with old Chinese twisted wire beads in necklaces that seem likely to date to the 1920s-30s.

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