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03/25/2023, 07:35:15

I suppose you are repeating stuff that is proposed by current studio beadmakers--that is terminology with which I disagree. But, in any event,"Given the variability in size and shape, it almost looks like thin canes were layered and offset, and with darker outer rings resulted in individual cloud-like appearances" is pretty much gobblygook to me. It's as though I need a translation.

By "multi-ringed canes," I suppose you mean concentrically-layered cased canes.

I really discourage "frit" (and consequently "frit-flakes," within the working of glass products. Frit is a product that is produced in the manufacture of glass. And it is not an end product. If beadmakers would just say "fritted glass" this would partly alleviate the issue. But the product that is referred to is not "frit." It is pulverized glass.

Also, in the arena of ancient beads, the specimens that are identified as "frit" are probably mostly or entirely just highly-decayed glass. And the concept of "frit" in this context is a mistaken idea related to the arena of faience manufacture.

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