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03/07/2023, 21:48:00

The beads in the strand I have just acquired are very similar. Most range from 9mm to 11mm. A few are 13mm, and one is 14mm (all of these being spheroidal beads, and not the few odd shapes).

I cannot effectively date most of these beads, since they have come me as a group, but I know they were collected from estate sales, and not necessarily from the long past.

At the moment I am expecting to receive a collection of Boshan beads, that are reputed to have been made in the 1990s. I am looking forward to seeing them, since included are colors and patterns that I haven't see previously.

I have one strand and a few single sparse millefiori beads, that I bought as new in the 1990s. I have rarely ever seen their like. They are conventional in manufacture, but the cane units are oddóbeing fuzzy in details. I attributed this to their being new elements and beads. Whereas the "new beads" I bought in New York in 1987 clearly were made with the same cane stock as earlier beads.


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