Guangdong = Canton
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03/06/2023, 18:09:15

The popular literature has said that "Peking glass" beads were made at Canton. One might prefer to say "Canton beads"—these being furnace-wound products. Since Guangdong is essentially Canton, and since the sewing basket beads and rings all pretty much seem to have the same beads (though in different conventional colors), I suppose most or all of these things were from South China (not far from Hong Kong).

In contrast, Boshan is nearly 2,000 KM to the northeast, and is an industry that made and makes specifically "lampwork" beads, as well as a variety of other types. Nevertheless, in the 1980s impressive numbers of Boshan beads were sold out of Hong Kong, supposedly from storage sites, holding beads from some fifty years previously. Having witnessed and documented this, my exposure to those Boshan beads was critical for comprehending the variety of decorated and millefiori beads composed.


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