Merry Christmas!
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Posted by: Joyce Post Reply
12/25/2022, 22:09:41

Gorgeous red Zens, Rosanna!

Quoting a Google search:
“JPGs and JPEGs are the same file format. JPG and JPEG both stand for Joint Photographic Experts Group and are both raster image file types. The only reason JPG is three characters long as opposed to four is that early versions of Windows required a three-letter extension for file names”

I didn’t even realize “jpeg “ was a thing until recently!

Yes, BCN made it to our 20th anniversary this past May 2! That’s an incredible run for the treacherous internet world. Thank you all for being a part of it!

Since I only have a tablet anymore, I am not able to even edit images for BCN anymore. And Facebook does all editing for the poster, so most FB folks don’t even know how to edit a photo file anymore. But the convenience of posting, as well as the great iPhone cameras have won. But the FB format is of the moment entirety. Unless I remember who made a post, I can’t find it again.

I will always love our incredible searchable archive. You can search here on BCN going back thousands of days. Or, you can use Google for a more “shallow” search. For example:
Chevron beads, site

I suggest that everyone copy and save favorite posts and photos, sooner rather than later. BCN has been here for 20 years; inevitably it won’t make it another 20.

Love to all, wishes for the best possible 2023!

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