Thank you, Jamey!
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11/09/2022, 20:36:27

I so appreciate your take on this!

I would hesitate to do my own dyeing. I bought some GLASS beads a couple years ago online, and they were dyed! Color came off when they got damp. Ugh!

Re: Glass hues...Years ago, I used some lovely little Czech glass beads in a line of necklaces. And a few years later, I realized they were COATED white beads, and that coating eventually peeled off. UGH again. I had to restring some of the necklaces when people brought them back. Same with certain beads made in India.

There are a LOT of Czech beads now that are coated over white, clear, or black beads. I hesitate to use them for the same reason. Maybe they're better now...??

Are your purple seed beads clear glass? You got pics?? :-)

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