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09/27/2022, 12:32:17

Hi Jamey, thank you for your interesting observations. As I wrote, I agree with you in saying that these are trade beads not older than XIX century. However, I don’t see a link between Bohemian glass imitating garnets and these beads. Bohemian garnets are dark or fiery red in colour, while these beads have brownish to pink/beige glass. As far as “cornaline d’Aleppo” is concerned, in an article in Glass of Journal Studies of 2013, Paolo Zecchin wrote that “corniola” beads were already made in Venice before 1815. “Corniola” is the Italian for carnelian; “cornaline” is French, used in XIX century sample cards as French was the international language. In XVIII century Aleppo was an important destination for Venetian beads, the city being a gateway for some Asian markets, notably for caravans to Bassora, where many “corniola” glass beads were sent; in 1781 “corniola” represented half of all the beads sent to Aleppo. This could possibly explain why Aleppo was associated to corniola beads in Venetian sample cards of XIX century. According to Venetian sources quoted by Zecchin in the same article, the outer red layer of corniola was at those time ruby red glass, a colour obtained
with gold.

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