Another boring small bead inquiry
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Posted by: LUANN UDELL Post Reply
09/01/2022, 13:56:23

I'm seeking more of these Czech glass trade beads, especially brown: Small roughly 4x6mm faceted opaque glass rice/oval beads.

I had one strand I bought from a vendor years ago. I've found black ones from ONE vendor on Etsy, and some red ones at Rings'n'Things (but can't order them, their website has been wonky for two weeks now.)

I've done Google image searches, checked places like Picard Beads (they said they don't have any), and a couple other well-known trade bead vendors. No luck.

Anyone have suggestions? And does anyone know what's going on with R&T??

Here are pics of what I'm looking for, and a recent necklace I used them in.

pipestone_horse_small_(407x800).jpg (181.1 KB)  
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