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Posted by: Beadman Post Reply
08/21/2022, 15:32:23

Having viewed the photos and read the "description," I would be inclined to suppose the seller is just guessing.

I think it is unlikely this bead is centuries old, and it looks like a North African bead (from Mauritania), and not like an Arabian bead from Yemen. It could also easily be ebony and not black coral.

I have participated at eBay since 1997—and I have been documenting mistaken auctions and offerings for nearly twenty years now. EBay is the best place to go to, if you want to be misinformed and ripped-off.

Let's say their bead WAS found in Yemen. It would still probably be a Mauritanian wood bead. We always have to remember that beads are moved around. And that sellers pump-up the origin, age, and rarity of beads—in order to get a high price—AND due to ignorance and guessing.

I agree with Stefany about the differences between Yemeni black coral, and Mauritanian ebony wood. (Of course.) However, among the Eastern Mediterranean/Arabian "coral" prayer beads, these might be wood, or plastic, or even perhaps jet. The silver dots are actually tiny nails that are hammered-in. (Not "wires.") Also, the beads that are being discussed (having multiple graduated sizes) are consistent with Mauritanian necklaces. (These are often joined by wirework in intact necklaces.)


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