I am sorry to say, I lack confidence.
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06/23/2022, 02:34:04

Regarding the Corning project— I was advised by multiple people to apply for this position. As much as I might have liked to do that, there are too many obstacles in the way. Actually moving to Corning for a year or more would be impossible for me. I have to care for my partner, who is 90 and almost 91. That is the most-important thing for me.

I actually wanted to write to Corning, and suggest that they allow me to vet whatever is produced by whomever receives the responsibility. Frankly, I am not hopeful they (or anyone) could do the job that I can do. I hope I am mistaken.

Nevertheless, judging by the imprints Corning has produced, related to beads—some of these being routinely mistaken, under-described, or superficial, I can see that they need help. Also, having been to Corning three times, myself, the idea that they have "thousands of beads" is slightly overstated—unless they were not candid with me. I think I have a reasonably good perspective upon their holdings. (And upon some of the mistaken ideas they have promoted—that seem to have been based on seller or auction-house proclamations.)

In any event—there are A LOT of beads that are not glass beads.


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