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06/02/2022, 19:56:39

The intrinsic aspect of "Aggrey" beads (whichever version of the name one wants to use) is that they are dichroic, turning from corn-flower blue to translucent green or yellow in transmitted light.

Some of the candidates for being such beads are corded—but many, including the earliest beads (that I believe are the original kori beads) have smooth surfaces. When striped, these opaque red stripes are or can be very slightly raised.

The color of your bead is rather translucent teal—and while there are certainly many many plain drawn (and other) blue beads that might be confused with Aggrey beads, that have different tones of blue—one way to remove them from consideration would be that their color is wrong.

Unless you say otherwise, I would presume the glass is not dichroic.

Your inquiry might be accurate as to the intents of the beadmaker. Who can say yes or no? But if it were that, it would not be a compelling simulation.


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