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03/06/2022, 18:28:16

Hello Chris,

I have handled some plique beads, so I am familiar with them. Are you certain of the time? I received my first ones in 1991—and they did not seem new.

I was not struck by an idea that the enamel might be unbacked, and I'm inclined to doubt it.

Note the distribution of the cloisons, near the aperturs. Rather odd I'd say.


P.S.—I am now supposing that plique is a possibility. It would have been helpful had the owner mentioned the beads allow light to pass through—making a typical cloisonné manufacture impossible. I still see a difference between these and the beads I've seen from the '90s. In the early 2,000s I was at a show where a seller had a big basket-full of these beads. I was very surprised. And I told the seller he or she (I don't recall which) was offering them at too-low a price. I suppose this might be possible with "newish" beads—though I have seldom seen them offered for sale before or after that.

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