large striped beads
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Posted by: JP Post Reply
02/24/2022, 23:14:34

Recentlty got a strand of these large striped drawn beads, They were dug around Takoradi on the Ghana coast.
It is a common color pattern seen on various Venetian sample card in smaller sizes from ~1mm to ~10mm.
They are also on the “beads traded for palm oil ” card in the British Museum.
But these large sizes intrigues me, we have seen a couple beads occasionally but seeing suddenly a full strand is surprising.
I wonder if they are Venetian or from other part of Europe. Any idea?
Showing picture of that strand and a bead from our Museum with another counterpart color combination.
Size 19 x 17mm and 22 x 14mm

f3672a_copy.jpg (176.1 KB)  DSC_9157.jpg (195.7 KB)  

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