No Ethnographic Room this time around
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01/24/2022, 15:00:35

The only prior member of the Ethnographic Room that I know who will have a booth is Bassem Elias. He will be at the Pueblo show, in the spot that Rusty Glickman (Earthdoor Skydoor) used to occupy. RIP Rusty - I found out recently that he had passed.
TigerTiger (Matt Brody) will be at JOGS. He used to be in one of the rooms at the old Grant Inn, which incidentally looks like it will host some sellers, so maybe check out that site. African Village and of course Gem Mall will be in operation, hopefully with most of the usual sellers.
Anyone with additional info or suggestions, please chime in! Iím planning on arriving Friday with my first stop at Nicole Andersonís Glory of (Venetian) Beads suite at Canoa Ranch in Green Valley.
If you can do a side trip to Prescott, check out Thomas Strickerís new bead store / museum. As of the last time I spoke with him, he will not have a table in Tucson this year.

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