An old and very popular scam
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Posted by: Luann Udell Post Reply
01/01/2022, 22:22:30

This one has been making the rounds for years. So glad you didn't fall for it! That line about the guy seeing your work on his wife's computer is classic.

A lot of artists, makers, anyone selling something online, get emails like this. I started tapping mine as spam, and now my spam filter catches most of them.

Your suspicion started when he balked at paying through normal channels, good on you!

A good practice is to copy-and-paste a couple lines for a Google search. Scammers send out a jillion, and you'll find a lot of other people who have gotten the same email, word for word.

Fwiw and IMHO, he probably did not find you through your publications. These scammers wouldn't take the time to do that.

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