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10/03/2021, 20:19:18

Hello, the thing is, when I would buy turquoise decades back there would be some broken beads and these were very instructive as far as surface treatments, any interior chalkiness, and general color and hardness. I think short of breaking a bead that already has a crack in half and examining, a good Jeweler's loupe is your best bet- external and also look into the hole. I really relied on my trusted sources, after double checking, but you always have to be skeptical especially these days.

Are any of the beads already cracked and unusable that you could break and scrutinize? Like you, I'm not happy if things are intentionally misrepresented. You are hopefully able to re-contact the source and get a Refund if you are dissatisfied based on hot pin testing, the scrutiny of loupe observations, and/or issues with a broken bead and your suspicions (Pro-rate out cost of one bead).

People that have a Reputable Bead Business should stand behind their products, and be willing to make it right. No way should you "settle"- so if I were you, and had questions, either have them provide paperwork of validity, or make good, and reimburse your investment, just my opinion.

I cannot tell from a few photos if these are Genuine or something less.

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