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10/02/2021, 13:32:51

Hello Nishedha,

I'll make a generalization that may hold some water.

The Venetian industry is very old. But we might find that, over time, any editions of particular beads may be more-or-less alike.

In contrast, the Javanese industry is less than thirty years old, and over that short time we might find visible variations in otherwise similar beads within thos designs.

A few years ago I bought a necklace of black & white Javanese beads, that includes three spherical combed beads, plus several other designs. They are merged by their technique, and because of the surface finish applied. Meaning, they had been purposely matted. I know approximately when these were acquired in Indonesia—so I know that among Javanese beads, these would be "early." I would not expect later beads, and beads from a different factory to replicate the beads I have. They will just be different. Mine are larger, more-carefully-made, and matted.

So, expect less variation among Venetian beads, and more variation among Javanese beads.

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