Repost of really bad faux coral bead and thank you's for John P. and Jamey
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10/02/2021, 09:06:03

Jamey, thank you for the info, the closeup of the the 'bad coral bed' and a shot of the interior is in the replay I posted to my original post.
But I'll put them here, too.

Interior is beige, "clumpy and chunky", definitely NOT glass, MAYBE clay, but not like any broken clay I've seen before.

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you both, had to prepare for not one, but TWO art gallery shows featuring my work. (For NorCal members, at Corrick's Gallery on 4th ST in Santa Rosa, and at Oli Gallery in Guerneville. I'll be at the Oli Gallery preview event tonight!)

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