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09/19/2021, 01:17:38


These are very different beads, of the type I named "fragment-glass" (as distinct from powderglass, because of how they are manufactured). Fragment-glass beads were devised by the mother of Cedi—and produced by him from the early 1990s, in single translucent colors. Making this sort of beads from glass seedbeads, and from fragments of trade beads was a later development. I have discussed these beads here as long ago as 2005, after my trip to Ghana.

However, from well before the 1990s there were African beads that were made from seedbeads. However their manufacture was different.

In any event, this is a different class of beads from the subject beads, that are crumb beads, made in the usual manner of powderglass beads. And made long before fragment-glass were devised.

In the African Bead Marketplace, fragment-glass beads are routinely called "recycled glass." However, this could describe nearly ANY African-made glass beads. So I do not find the name useful.


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