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09/16/2021, 06:20:00

Hi Stefani

as i know they are falsely called donkey beads although you may find them easier when you call them that. in Iran the center of making these beads is Qom. it is said ancient Egypt and Persia were maker of these beads, but i heard in Mesopotamia they made it earlier. the turquoise color maybe is because of copper oxide using in glazing process. they have holes because they were used as button also i saw old carpets and nomad woven works with this bead in a corner, believing protection from evil eye. i remember 50 years ago all babies had this on their blouses. even goats and rams and donkeys horses, i had some with and without frames all late antiquity but color was changed a little. now a days people use them for decoration in Curtains also babies cloth.

hope this help you


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