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07/22/2021, 19:51:12

Hello Hans,

First, I think there is a strong tendency among Japanese collectors to make beads older than they really are. Edo beads are really Meiji. Meiji beads are really later, from the time that foreign trade opened up. They also tend to not recognize differences between Japanese beads and Chinese beads. (Many people have this problem,)

Then there are 20th C. beads made in japan in a style that strongly resembles Edo (or more-liklely Meiji) beads, in-style—but were probably made for export.

I would be inclined to guess that the bead shown in the book may be a Chinese bead, and probably from Boshan, and therefore from the 20th C. The colors of the glass beads shown by Rosanna are much too bright to date from much before 1920.

In all these instances I would want to see the perforation apertures to determine whether it changes my suppositions. The ends of Boshan beads are often recognizable—and can be compared to other Chinese beads (that are furnace-wound), and to Japanese beads.


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