The Fuseruola
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I believe the proper name for the beads you call "motto beads" is "Fuseruola". That is the keyword you are looking for.
The Fuseruola is a small ceramic object with a spherical shape and a small hole in the middle.

It has a very ancient origin; it has been found in tombs and remains of prehistoric dwellings dating from the Neolithic.

Scholars believe that they were used in textile art to balance the spindle during yarn making, keeping the thread tighter to achieve a more uniform result.

In our territory, the rich tradition of Derutaís ceramics has embellished these small objects with painting.

They become therefore beautiful miniatures to be gifted as a pledge of love.

The fuseruole, in fact, were gifted to the bride along with the spindle. Thatís why we find names or loving words alluding to virtues and qualities of the loved person.

Traditionally, these ceramic pearls, being part of the bridal set, were applied to embellish cushions, curtains, and table runners.

Respecting this ancient tradition, today we use them as precious stone of our handmade jewelry.

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