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06/15/2021, 09:06:08

By way of comparison, a necklace of 15mm beads that recently sold on eBay for about $340.

I think the larger swallows and sky swirls make for a more dramatic design. These swallows are a pretty much a trademark of products of the Beijing Enamel Factory (JingFa) circa the 1970s.

I bid on this necklace because I felt obliged to, but was relieved to be outbid, mainly because I have a dislike of that brick red enamel. The birds are neatly depicted in an appealing variety of color schemes, however, so I think this is a good example of better Chinese cloisonne beads.

The leaves seem somewhat similar to the water weeds accompanying beads with koi.

BirdBeadsNecklace334EbayMay2021A_BCN2.jpg (198.1 KB)  BirdBeadsNecklace334EbayMay2021BCN.jpg (205.9 KB)  

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