Obidome Champleve Dragon Peacock, Cloisonne Crane China 1930s?
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Posted by: beadiste Post Reply
06/12/2021, 14:01:46

Found these recently. I liked the crane because it seems a mate to the little lozenge-shaped obidome I purchased awhile ago.

The peacock/dragon obidome is unusual, as usually the bird is a phoenix. It's a prettier piece than my quick pic shows. It wasn't cheap ($45 + postage), but I liked it enough to order the other 5 that were available. So if you want one, let me know. The metal is thin - brass? paktong? - the piece is very light weight. Measures about 32mm, smaller than those pieces that appear in brass belts from this era.

An interesting feature of these obidome is that the images flip vertically, as if being rotated around a cord, instead of horizontally, as if being flipped like a book page.

The Etsy vendor (PartsForYou) has some cheaper champleve dragon/phoenix pieces, but they seem kind of crude to me.

ObidomePeacockDragonChinese2aBCN.jpg (192.4 KB)  ObidomePeacockDragonChinese2BCN.jpg (194.4 KB)  

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