Zoom lecture on Plastic Imitations of Organic Materials - Weds. April 21
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Posted by: Rosanna Post Reply
04/20/2021, 19:59:16

Sorry about the short notice, but I've been asked to give my lecture, "Faking It - Plastic Imitations of Organic Materials" as a Zoom presentation tomorrow, Wednesday April 21, at 7 PM EDT (4 PM PDT). The New England Bead Society is the host, and they will have their business meeting starting at 6:30 PM EDT. So if you want to listen in, probably a good idea to log on somewhat before 7 PM.

To get a link for the meeting as well as read the abstract of the talk, go to :


and scroll down to "Sign up for Email Updates". Click on this to sign up for the link.

I hope this works for you if you want to "Zoom in" as I have no control over it. I just noticed that we are past the sign-up deadline - hope you can still get in.

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