Thank you, Jamey, much appreciated!
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10/29/2020, 12:58:52

I love them, the rough chipped look, the crusty oxidation, the colors, but yeah, the story, when it had some credibility (as repurposed shards) had a pull. Even after you shared all the fallacies with the original stories with me years ago. But it's gone too far off the rails for me, so I'll stick to the truth in my backstory: We don't know with certainty about their origins, there are a lot of stories that probably aren't true, and all of this is all-so-human.

Although, in a way, the crazy stories may have their own appeal. As you've said many times, what people will do and say to sell beads...!! And beads are the oldest-knoen human artifacts. I'm guessing the day after someone created the first bead, the next day there was someone trying to sell an "older version"...

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