Cobalt blue glass drop beads Teotitlan Mexico 1700ís
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10/23/2020, 14:37:34

Hello to all

I was cleaning my garage and finally came across my old cobalt blue beads
a very close friend collected in Teotitlan Oxaxaca Mexico in 1969

So it was a great feeling to find these after so many years. I never loose anything maybe misplace a few things from time to time.

At Tucson this year Jamey had a necklace with a few of these coblat beads.I do not remember the name given to these beads nor the time frame that they were produced I believe Jamey may have said Spain??

So a few pics to share my find today.
Enjoy the pics and I will await info from our group
sincerely from Walter Anderson

IMG_1440.JPG (127.9 KB)  IMG_1441_(1).JPG (130.9 KB)  

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