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10/12/2020, 10:26:19

I took some more pictures to show the beads with the most obvious striations on the ends. The marks all appear to go in one direction, making it appear that they were "dressed" by filing or grinding with a fairly coarse grind, maybe with just one pass.

The ends are interesting since it's a fairly crude finish for otherwise beautifully trailed, glossy beads. Perhaps made by a smaller bead shop where they didn't have a lot of good equipment for the finish work? Or for an application where they knew the ends wouldn't show, but needed to be flat?

I defer to the people who do glass work to comment on whether this looks like cold work that was done after the bead was made, or following Stefany's suggestion, something done while the bead was still hot or being reheated.

Note - I'm pretty sure the "dirt" on the beads and in the holes is from the disintegrated brown cardboard.

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