Second attempt - this works!
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10/05/2020, 21:48:11

Here’s what I did:
1. Install the free app called Image Size on my iPad.
2. Open Image Size and select a photo from Photos. Note: if you want to crop or otherwise edit the image, do that first within Photos before starting.
3. Adjust the photo using settings that give a file size less than 256kb. The size is displayed at the bottom of the window. Start with something around 600 x 600.
4. Save the file using the arrow at the lower left-hand edge. This saves it back to Photos, right after the original.
5. Go back to Photos and select the re-sized image. Select the "Send" feature, then Save to Files, Pages.
5. After opening the message box in BCN, when you get to Choose File, Select Browse, then go to Pages to find your reduced file. The file is saved as a .jpg file in Pages so it displays properly on BCN!

Well this is a lot of steps but once you get used to the procedure, it will be easy!

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