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10/05/2020, 14:03:48

-then i re-discovered this rather ridiculous short necklace...while hunting through my collection cabinets for other things..
i deduced it wasn't actually fulgurite, termite or caddisfly-designed, but although the beads look natural or mineral, they are each formed around a rigid core which looks like plastic tubing- with a hard coating built up of sand or ground glass or ballotini stuck together into a mass with some opaque brown hardened paste- i held a lit match up close in one corner and discovered the adhesive softened with heat...but its not sealing wax...
so then went back to the "fulgurite type" necklaces, but the flame test had no effect on them...
i was more amused than infuriated- one of the benefits of so much time in lockdown...

IMG_0662.JPG (71.3 KB)  

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