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09/19/2020, 10:17:41

To be honest the lapidary clubs are not a great place to find lapidary skills in most cases. It is a sad fact that most skilled lapidary people are vastly more experienced than club members. I am an expert with vibe tumbling and often find that people are not really clear about expectations. An overly conservative approach is always called for in these cases. The person may be happy with what was called the California polish 40 years ago which was a not perfectly prepared ( sanded) stone with a high gloss polish over residual imperfections. This actually approximates much of the 19th century agate work seen in Europe. I would have someone at the club repolish the beads and not resand them and call it good. Very few people are good at re drilling and those who are expect decent compensation so the " rehabilitation " of these beads could be expensive. The last person who came to me for redrilling expected it to cost them less than one dollar per bead. I still laugh about that event.

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