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09/04/2020, 13:14:20

yes- it may have been 20s/30squality lampwork beads by a czech designer workshop, using the same glass to fashion the end beads with large enough apertures for the ready-made metal screw clasp components to glue in. The readymade metal beads are stamped as flat sheets bent into the bead shapes to resemble filigree, and the entire necklace would have needed thread with embroidery beads or knots to be properly flexible and prevent abrasion.
i do recall that "nylon fishing line" was available in the 50s in various thicknesses when i began to discover beads- the main advantage for less experienced threaders was it was stiff enough not to require a needle, and unlike wire or tiger tail it didn't kink. but it was not considered a professional solution. the attaching at either end was not very attractive, and sometimes it could deteriorate and stretch or break without warning. A friend tried to make a bead curtain with fishing line but gave up because each strand hung in a spiral form, not draping straight.

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