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08/30/2020, 16:07:28

Hi Stef,

We have discussed this class of beads previously. I believe they are molded composition, that has been laquered. In this instance, a metallic-appearing lacquer. Quite a few Japanese beads were sleeved, and are thus mistaken for ojime. (I see this constantly—particularly recently, since I have been paying more attantion to Japanese and "Japanese" beads at eBay.)

These beads are factory work rather than artisan work.

It is also apparent that there are Chinese imitations or copies of these and other lacquer beads—that are also factory production.

I have seen quite a few "ojime" necklaces, and, in general, they are most-often a combination of Japanese and Chinese beads. Some have more Chinese beads than Japanese beads.

In any event, regarding the beads shown at FaceBook, I think your early suggestion was probably correct. Those are wood that has been molded in a two-part mold. So they are different from the beads you show here.


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