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08/15/2020, 19:24:42

The unaltered awale beads are found on Venetian sample cards, mostly dating to the 1920s (+ or -).

It is very likely that these and the blue/white beads were altered in West Africa (perhaps Ghana). This altering being to crudely grind the sides to make rough barrel shapes, with a somewhat faceted appearance.

I thought from my previous reply this idea would be apparent. The grinding was probably done with a gringing stone, or against a rasp.

When we look for the original bead, it is not going to bead a blue bead with a white exterior. It was probably what are called "Dutch cane beads" (though many or most were probably Venetian). These have a blue-white-blue layer sequence, and white stripes. The stripes and outer blue layer are probably mostly (nearly entirely) worn away.—as are parts of the white layer. (It would be instructive for me to examine a reasonable number of these beads to look for evidence that supports my supposition.

Note that awale beads were usually originally powder-blue with cobalt blue stripes. But tyoically, the stripes and a great deal of the powder-blue layer has been removed—the beads being cut down to expose the red layer.

So these beads ARE parallel in these ways.


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