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I am not fastidious or over-technical. I am mostly concerned by the smell and touch (usually I only apply "dressing" to finished ornaments).

I do not refrain from applying on...
*African trade beads: argan oil (Morocco), Karité butter (tribal ornaments South of Mauritania).
*Tibetan malas: nothing better than contact/rubbing with body oils, also yak butter if available.
*Indian: (Desi) mustard oil for Northern, coconut oil for Southern ones,as a rule of thumb.But more than once,I have caught myself red-handed rubbing musk or other similar aromatic essences on antique golden necklaces, and more than once I went so far as to mix damp agarbatti ashes with a some fat base to gaily enhance a mournful, distressed, criminally bleached piece.

And then...
Take a brand new (yak? cow? camel?) bone bead "mala". It is hideously lifeless, whitish, no shine or luster whatsoever.
A starting point is mechanical stress: rubbing with sand, beating with stones, rubbing against wooden surface, rubbing with wool,
rubbing with the rough side of a piece of leather and what not --for as long as your mind will endure.
Then a henna bath for several days,allowing to dry, repeating it if needed. When dark to taste, cook it under the scorching summer sun, or toast its surface with a cook's torch, or stain it over the flame of a bees wax candle, or a bonfire...
Some more rubbing with sand, or sand paper, also energetically with the smooth side of a piece of leather.
Heal it, poor thing, with an oil of your choice and allow some time for the excess to sink in. Rub with cotton till it looks like you have been wearing it and prayed on it for many years.
Wear it. Use it for japa-yoga. Allow it to enhance your natural glamour.
Sell it!
Image: recent mala, illustrating the above method. Ancient amazonite and nondescript bone beads, with silver fittings and counters. Strung on a leather thong, without a tassel.

mala-21-08-19.jpg (86.6 KB)  

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