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08/07/2020, 14:54:58

i have all colours on reels of what may still be called bonded nylon- a spun multifilament nylon yarn originally intended for sewing machines for leather goods, shoes etc. it doesn't stretch, is extremely strong, comes in colours and the fibres are smooth and continuous - sort of lubricated or polished smooth (=bonded) so as not to snag going through a machine . i never have the best thickness but one can experiment mixing strands /colours which usually makes even the knots look interesting.
"beadsmith" discovered it long after i had been using it and they have a version of it in some colours on small cards.
i have been teaching threading and knotting using it for many years.
another hint- if you make your own needle with a length of fine fuse wire, twisted together at the point end then you save on needles, it allows you to create a bulky line of a mix of skinny threads all doubled- and for delicate beads its better to be able to fill up the hole space so your precious bead is cushioned, it can't move from side to side and risk breakage of the bead or the thread fibre.
if you want to reprooduce an ancient necklace and use silk or other authentic natural thread that's fine but it will have a limited life- if it is to be worn a lot then it justifies the strongest as well as most attractive thread, so go for something "synthetic" that does the best job...
i'm not such a fan of nylon coated cable unless its the only thing that'll fit, because its too easy to use for any beads and can let beads grind together, or cut just like cheese wire...

enough now- its my bedtime- tomorrow i'm taking a week off as a holiday from my lockdown in London to spend with the grandkids etc...

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