Good idea to protect PVC
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08/05/2020, 18:47:39

Jamey is onto a good idea to help protect PVC beads and also enhance the sheen. I checked the Safety Data Sheet for ArmorAll's original formula, and found that the main ingredient is mineral oil, at less than 5% of the mixture. Unfortunately the other 95% is not specified - companies are allowed to do this - but the formula as a whole is designated "not hazardous". That doesn't exactly mean "non-toxic" -and the SDS says to avoid prolonged contact with the skin.

The ArmorAll website says their products contain surfactants and water-based silicone emulsions, and do not contain any petroleum products - which is strange since I consider mineral oil a petroleum product. So possibly one of the components is slightly irritating, or they are doing the usual CYA that is common in the chemical industry. I'd be sure not to let a child put something coated with ArmorAll in their mouth.

Probably you could get a similar effect by using lip balm that has some SPF protection added, or just use a tiny bit of one of the mineral oil-based eye lubricants if you want to avoid any potentially toxic additives.

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