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07/27/2020, 17:50:41

Hi Stef,

You write, "the form of each quarter sphere including the hole is the same."

Actually this cannot be the case. There are two different components combined. Their perforations allow the configuration we can see—which is quite interesting logistically. One set has external apertures that enter into the element, and exit at a place that matches the second element. (No doubt the exact middle of that side.) The perforation of the second element enters and exits at the same place on the the element, on adjacent sides. (Again through the centers of those sides.) The string then goes through another specimen of the first kind, and exits the external aperture.

Since there are four elements that make up a spherical bead, there must be two strings. Both strings do the same thing, except only one passes through a second element, and they return together through the interior of the perforation of the opposite matching first element.

Only in this way can all four parts be held together. And, when seen apart, two elements have an external aperture, and two have only internal apertures.

Viewing the photos, I can see that one element (with only the internal perforation, appears to have a molding seam; demonstrating that these are indeed molded glass—and probably Czech.


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