Pierced-Glob Glass Beads
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07/24/2020, 12:35:40

Manually piercing a glob of molten glass with a pointed implement may be one of the oldest methods for making glass beads; and might be practiced by any "primitive" glass industry or cottage industry. And such beads might be ancient, or made last week.

The problem of identifying a possible origin is the same situation we face with plain wound beads: they are all more-alike than they are different or distinctive. At least with wound beads we can sometimes tell whether the glass was furnace-worked or lampworked—and that can be a useful clue. Sometimes the glass itself can provide a clue.

Nevertheless, just as the Krobos recycle bottle glass—because it is avaiilable and practically free, most people would be in a similar circumstance—and have industrial bottle glass available to them.


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