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07/21/2020, 14:51:08

The light turquoise blue transparent bead at the bottom [#1571-198 under it] looks to me like it perhaps used to have raised same color "eyes" dotting the surface?? Maybe I'm just imagining things but it reminds me of some very old and very worn "mulberry" beads- usually clear, opaque white or cobalt blue traded into N.America early on like ~1600's. I'm not saying it "is" a mulberry bead.

EDIT: Started to look up Francisco de Soto Travel routes and related associated documented Trade Beads w/ any Site references. Was looking for any similar Trade Beads to yours, as I'm sure you have also. Side note: It is mighty frustrating to see that Archeology is tainted by what appears to be possible fraud- as was evident in one Fla. excavation with obvious New India-Made Chevrons being showcased as found on proposed de Soto excavation site. The good news is that the Bead Research is advanced enough that obvious out of Place Trade Beads can be readily recognized.

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