Happy 5th ~ Peace Bead w you!
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07/05/2020, 14:51:44

Hello BCN friends ~ sorry I've been gone for awhile. Computer snafu! Here's a couple pictures just to share... I know there have been some threads recently about large Nueva Cadiz and I promise Beadman I'll get you some pics of ours soon. Actually, there is one nice one, a n unusual color, in the Peace sign. Also some commentary about the Arizona Highways - Sorenson Collection which Jamey is right Gabriele did acquire much of that beautiful collection. We too were fortunate a few years ago to buy a large collection from old timers in the bead world and many of the beads pictures in that Arizona Highways are in our collection now. I'll share pictures in the future but I know I posted when we made the acquisition some years ago so there will be a thread. Best to you all - May you enjoy good health and great bead!

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