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06/26/2020, 13:30:14

here are my examples which must be from the same family-
however these are the odd leftovers of the different colourways, because in each case i made necklaces from the sets of good ones, and must have sold them.

in the top row in particular are several ones where the body of the bead is made of 2 colours, one at either end, swirled together in the middle -and the one at upper far right also has avventurina glass swirls and a blue flower bud visible.
Sometimes they go well, sometimes one of the colours gets swallowed up, or where the colours of glass are not quite annealed or not quite compatible there may be a crack-
i seem to remember seeing examples on Venetian sample cards...? anyone else find some?

IMG_0503.JPG (89.7 KB)  

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