Yes, they look 'scraped' these polymer clay artifacts I made, actually.
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06/22/2020, 14:01:48

Stefany, thank you for your quick reply!

YES, that's exactly what they look like! Lapis blue base, with a white coating that looks 'scraped', but then smoothed again. E.g., there's no discernible deviation in actual thickness one each bead.

In fact, I used a scraping technique awhile back to make some polymer beads. After baking faux ivory shapes, I backfilled with black clay and scraped it off before rebaking. (see example photo)
And they look JUST LIKE these blue ones, but in glass.

All the beads on this strand are fairly uniform in size, only a variation of a millimeter or two. And all the beads are different in how much white appears.

There are some small pits, etc. And two shades of blue: slightly darker, and slightly lighter.

Unevenly sliced, but NOT anything like the handmade ones that are actually made in Africa of recycled glass.

I LOVE them and will use them sparingly in my designs.

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