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06/17/2020, 17:16:35

The supply of excellent jade from BC is large each year but it is manipulated to keep the price stable. I suspect that jade cabs which are easy to make and market in China provides an adequate market with the expansion of China's middle class. Jade is difficult to polish and unpredictable and round beads are by far the hardest shape to overcome if the rough has orange peel or undercutting problems. The people who find jade in Washington for the last 40 years are essentially anti mining and are happy with what weathers out of the ground naturally. The jade is found on federal land and can only be sold if it was collected on a valid claim which has to be a developed mine. Two billionaires have claimed much of the jade and harass casual collectors by claiming that all the jade in rivers and creeks came from their deposits and are therefore theirs. Ridiculous until the feds knock on your door which is happening to people collecting 20 and 30 miles from any claim. Billionaire mining is about accruing losses to shelter other income so I do not forsee any meaningful production.

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